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Accessiblity Aids in SL

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There are a number of tools that can be used to create an accessible experience in SL. Among these are


  • Max the dog - Created for Helen Keller Day 2009, Max the dog is an interactive dog which can act as your 'eyes' in-world, reading object descriptions and notecards. Max also acts as a radar reporing nearby avatars and objects as well as speaking your instant messages and chat.
  • Polo scripts - Work with the Marco function of Max to read notecards embedded in objects.
  • Chat-to-Speech in Second Life using a web browser , features 43 languages to English male or female speech with no downloads needed.
  • 3Dconnexion alternative mice - Including the SpaceNavigator which has become popular with Second Life. By using a limited range of motion, you can use the 6 axes to move your avatar, camera, and more.*
  • Frogpad - A unique form of ergonomic keyboard useful for those who've lost mobility in one hand.*
  • Wacom tablet - Uses a stylus as a mouse alternative and can be helpful for relieving wrist cramps/carpal tunnel problems. Wacom is among the more expensive graphics tablets, but also durable in quality.*
  • MouseKeys - "Control the Mouse Pointer Using the Numeric Keypad"*
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking - Talk-to-write program. Typing words and sentences can be done in secondlife by talking in a microphone. A reasonably fast computer is recommended for doing this since, because like Second Life, Dragon is resources-heavy. If your performance is slow, try lowering your Second Life graphics settings to the minimum to cope with a slower computer. In several countries you can get compensation for buying the program/computer if you are disabled.*


Useful locations in SL


For general information see:


* Entries from from the SL Accessiblity wiki

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